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Falls Church Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control Falls Church

Falls Church, Virginia is the smallest city in Virginia covering just over two square miles. It is an urban community with a population of 13,601.* Falls Church has a diverse community and offers an easy commute into the city, since it is only ten miles away and has a stop on the Silver Metro Line. Additionally, there are number of historic sites in the area as well as sixteen parks and trails located throughout the city. Many residents enjoy the farmer’s market held every weekend.

Falls Church boasts a temperate climate with mild, cool winters and hot summer days. If you enjoy spending time outside with your friends and family, you may enjoy time outside in the summer evenings. With the number of outdoor parks, you may be worried about pesky mosquitoes that mean dealing with bug spray or that might even drive you back inside. The experts at Mosquito Tek can eliminate mosquitoes in your yard and allow your family to enjoy time outdoors again. Contact Mosquito Tek today.

Eliminate Mosquitoes Where They Breed

Mosquito life cycleA good mosquito control program takes a two-step approach to mosquito control. If you truly want to eliminate mosquitoes, you need to do more than just spray for adult mosquitoes. It is just as important to address any areas where mosquitoes breed. This can break the mosquito life cycle and give you true lasting, relief from mosquitoes. At EcoTek, we stop the larvae from developing into biting adults by using larvicides to treat the areas where they may breed. The technicians will address any standing water on your property by emptying it and work to prevent future water from collecting. Anywhere with natural standing water is treated with larvicides that will stop the larvae from developing into adults without negatively affecting other aquatic insects.

Conventional and Organic Mosquito Treatments

At Mosquito Tek, we believe in giving our customers a choice, which is why we offer two effective treatment. For our conventional treatments, we use the Talstar product line. This is effective for up to three weeks and offers one of the strongest mosquito knockdowns available on the market. For our organic treatments we use Essentria products. This is effective for up to two weeks and is NOP compliant. This option is safe for organic gardens and to use in public spaces and around daycare centers.

Added Bonus – Mosquito Tek Also Kills the Fleas and Ticks in Your Yard

Fleas and ticks can carry spread serious illnesses that can affect you and your pets. At Mosquito Tek, we understand just how important your family’s safety is, which is why we offer free flea and tick treatment with every mosquito treatment. This added value can give you extra protection against illnesses like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Mosquito Tek, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best value and excellent customer service. We stand behind our work by offering two guarantees. The Satisfaction Guarantee states that if you see a mosquito within the first two days of a treatment that we will respray your yard at no cost to you. The 100% Money Bank Guarantee is available if you are not completely satisfied with our service. When you consider these guarantees, it is clear that Mosquito Tek is the best choice for mosquito control in the Falls Church area. Each of our technicians undergo an extensive background check and complete training. Mosquito Tek has been providing services since 2011. Start enjoying a mosquito free yard. Call us today.


Mosquito Prevention Tips

If you are battling mosquitoes, you may want to take these steps to help reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard.

  • Take care of your lawn: When your lawn is cut short, and the shrubberies are trimmed, it gives your yard a chance to dry complete which reduces the number of mosquitoes.

  • Change your lightbulbs: Mosquitoes are attracted to the frequency that certain lightbulbs emit. LED lights and yellow bug lights do not attract bugs. This is an easy way to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard.

  • Fix issues with standing water: Mosquitoes will breed in just a capful of water. Emptying water in containers around your yard will give the mosquitoes fewer places to breed. Be sure to store your gardening tools properly and to put away toys that can collect water. You may want to address draining issues.

  • Wear mosquito repellent: Using mosquito repellent with DEET will help to stop mosquitoes and other insects from biting you.

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Customer Review


Sue S

I could be outdoors without bug spray on any time, anywhere on my property. Before Mosquito Tek I couldn"t talk to someone on my front door for even one minute without getting bitten.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mosquito Control Services

What can I expect during a treatment?

At each treatment the technician will follow a four-step process.

  1. Assess the property to identify the pests that need to be treated.

  2. Identify potential breeding areas and empty containers of standing water.

  3. Apply larvicide to areas of standing water.

  4. Spray the lawn, trees, and shrubbery to kill the adult mosquitoes and apply a barrier to prevent new mosquitoes from entering.

How do I know I am receiving the best possible price?

We will beat any competitor’s written estimates by ten percent. We also offer discounts for neighbors that schedule together. Call to learn about this option and to see if your neighborhood can qualify.

Are your products safe for my family and pets?

We use products that are safe for you, your family and your pets. Our technicians are trained in the proper application and these options are safer than what you could buy at the store?

Are organic productions available?

We offer an organic option that is completely natural. This product is safe to use around organic food gardens or in areas where people may eat. This product lasts for up to two weeks. Our conventional products are also safe and last up to three weeks.

I am planning a summer party. Do you offer one-time treatment options?

We do offer a special event one-time treatment option that is available for any special event that you are planning, like a graduation party, wedding or corporate event. When you are planning your event, just contact us and we will work with the venue, caterers and party planner to determine the best time to complete a treatment two to three days before the event.


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