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Will the East Asian Tick Spread to the Arlington Area This Year?

The East Asian tick has made the news in the last few days because it is a new tick species that was identified as being in the United States this year. It was first identified last fall, but efforts were made to eradicate it. Unfortunately, scientists have determined that those efforts did not work, and the species has been established in New Jersey.
Why Are People Concerned About the East Asian Tick?
It is an extremely invasive species that originated in Asia. When it first spread to Australia it causes significant problems for farmers there. The ticks are often found around farms animals, but they can also be found on large animals like deer. The East Asian tick does carry the SFTS virus, which is a new virus that was first discovered in 2009. It has potential for serious complications and scientists worry about a potential outbreak.

How Does the East Asian Tick Spread?
The experts are not sure how the East Asian tick made its way to the United States. However, once it is in the Un…

Is the Deadly East Asian Tick in Virginia Beach?

The East Asian tick has established a foothold in the United States for the first time this year. This species of tick is native to Asia near China. However, it has spread to other countries including Australia. This is the first time that it has been found in the United States. The East Asian tick is an extremely invasive species and it is usually found in large numbers especially around farm animals. The ticks are currently only identified in the New Jersey area. However, no one is sure how quickly they will spread out and they may reach Virginia Beach eventually.

Why Is the East Asian Tick Considered Dangerous?
The East Asian tick is dangerous for a few reasons. The first is that the tick tends to be found in huge groups. There has been documentation that enough ticks attached to one cow that they actually killed it. The ticks can reproduce asexually and are difficult to eradicate. The other major concern is that they carry a number of serious illnesses, with the most serious bei…

What Are the Signs of SFTS?

There are have been reports that the East Asian tick has spread to the United States. This tick is one of the only known carriers of the deadly SFTS virus. This virus was first discovered in China in 2009. Each year there are more people that contract it. While there are no known cases of the virus in the United States, scientists are worried that it could spread now that the East Asian tick has established itself here.

What Are the Symptoms of the STFS Virus?
The SFTS virus starts out with a fever. The patient may also experience nausea and diarrhea. The virus can affect the liver making the enzyme levels off. It can also lower both the platelet and white blood cell count, which can make people more vulnerable to complications. Some people will suffer multiple organ failure as a result. The mortality rate is currently about twelve percent, but it was higher when the disease was first discovered. Early identification of the disease seems to increase the chances of survival. Treatment…

Have Signs of the Deadly East Asian Tick Been Found in the Raleigh Durham Area?

If you have listened to the news recently, you may have heard reports of the East Asian tick being found in the United States. This is a new species to the area, and it has been found in New Jersey. It is invasive and has not responded to efforts to eradicate it before it established itself.

Where Is the East Asian Tick in the United States?
Currently the tick is only in New Jersey in the United States. Experts are not sure how the tick made its way to the United States. It was first found by a new Jersey sheep farmer last fall. Currently, there are no known instances of the tick outside of New Jersey. However, this is considered a highly invasive species and eventually they will likely spread to other areas of the United States. It has proven to be a problem in Australia.

Why Is the East Asian Ticks Considered Deadly?
The East Asian tick is a known carrier of the STFS virus. At this time, this virus is only found in Asia. It begins as a fever with vomiting and diarrhea. It can affec…

5 Reasons You Should be Talking about Ticks

Many people never think about ticks. It is not a common that is commonly discussed. However, it is important to raise awareness about ticks and the dangers that they can cause to you and your family. Here are five reasons that you should be talking about ticks.

Ticks Carry Serious Illnesses
Likely the most well-known illness caused by ticks is Lyme disease. However, ticks can spread a number of serious illnesses including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, STARI, and Ehrlichiosis. Generally, these illnesses need to be treated with antibiotics and they can have long lasting effects if not treated soon enough. You can protect your family from these illnesses if you know how to safely prevent getting ticks.

Ticks and Old Wives’ Tales
Another reason to discuss ticks is because there are a number of old wives’ tales that talk about the different ways to remove ticks, but they are not actually safe to do. If you burn the tick with a match or rub gasoline or Vaseline on it, you may cause the tick…

5 Home Projects to Combat Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a nuisance for a number of different reasons. While many people focus more on the annoyance of being covered in itchy bites. Mosquitoes actually carry a number of serious illnesses that can affect both your family and your pets. There are steps that you can take to protect your family around your yard. Here are five home projects that can help you tackle mosquitoes.

Clear Out Yard Debris
The first thing you can do is clear out any yard debris. This includes old leaf litter, trash and even old tires that may be on your property. Anything that can collect water or prevents the lawn from drying out completely can make your yard more hospitable for mosquitoes. You should make keeping your yard neat and trim a priority since it can help with mosquito control.

Check Drains Around Your Yard
Another important step is to address the drains that are around your yard. Look at the drains that are coming off your gutters along the roof to be sure that they are draining properly. Yo…

What Areas Are More Prone to Ticks?

Ticks are active from the spring into the fall. In the early spring, the biggest risk is from the seed ticks, which can be hard to spot because they are so small. In the fall, you are more likely to be bitten by an adult tick. All of these ticks can carry and spread serious illnesses like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Here are some areas where you are more likely to find ticks.

Wooded Areas
Ticks are often found in wooded areas. They like to crawl up onto bushes or trees where they can crawl onto someone or something as it brushes past. If you are going into a heavily wooded area, you need to take the steps to protect yourself. If you know that you will be still for a long period of time, such as sitting in a tree stand when hunting, be sure to take precautions to prevent tick bites.

Tall Grass and Meadows
Ticks also like meadows and tall grasses. They can crawl onto you when you brush by. They are generally found in areas where the grass is not mowed regularly. Field…

Commonly Asked Mosquito Questions

Mosquito season is just around the corner. The spring and summer months are the times when mosquitoes are most active. While mosquito bites can be annoying, the real issue is that mosquitoes can spread a number of serious illnesses. Here are some commonly asked questions about mosquitoes.

Is It Safe for My Baby to Wear Mosquito Repellent?
Babies as young as two months old can safely wear mosquito repellent. You will want to check with your physician to learn the kind that is best for your baby, and what concentration of DEET that is safe to use on someone that size. You may want to avoid taking your baby outside during peak mosquito times. You can also use mosquito netting around your baby as an extra protection.

What Types of Illnesses Can Mosquitoes Spread?
There are a number of different illnesses that mosquitoes can spread. In the United States some of the most common illnesses include the West Nile virus and St. Louise encephalitis. Around the world there are more serious illness…

A Guide to Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have been plaguing people throughout all known time. Not only do they cause itchy bites that can be annoying, there are responsible for spreading a number of serious illnesses. The threat is so serious and ongoing that most communities and countries have extensive mosquito control programs which help to combat the outbreaks. There are still outbreaks each year in countries across the world of illnesses like Yellow fever and dengue fever. In order to combat mosquitoes, it is important to understand mosquitoes.

The Life Cycle of Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. After the eggs hatch, the mosquitoes are larvae and they spend time in the water until they become pupae and then hatch from that stage. At this point, the mosquitoes are adults and will begin flying around. The male mosquitoes feed on nectar, while the female mosquitoes need a blood meal so that they lay their eggs. Mosquitoes can lay up to two hundred eggs at a time.

Prevent Mosquitoes
Once you underst…

What Are Mosquito Control Programs?

Mosquitoes are an issue throughout the world. They spread a number of serious illnesses. There are different strategies that people take to protect themselves from mosquitoes including use mosquito repellent, and mosquito netting. They may use candles and bug lights. However, the mosquito problem is so serious that many countries and government enact mosquito control programs to keep the mosquito population at bay.

How Do Mosquito Control Programs Work?
The programs work because an insecticide is spread throughout the area, especially in areas where mosquitoes are prone such as swampy areas. The insecticide needs to be applied on a regular basis to be effective. The insecticide will kill the adult mosquitoes. They may also address the areas where they breed, but they may have a harder time since they care covering such large spread areas.

Can I Have a Mosquito Control Program for My Yard?
You can contact a professional to come in and take care of your yard for you. They can apply a t…

Can Fleas Make People Sick?

When you think about fleas, you likely think about your pets and how they can make your pets sick and miserable. However, fleas also pose a risk to people. They are known to spread a number of serious illnesses to people as well. Here are a few illnesses that people can catch from fleas.

Fleas are known carriers of tapeworms. While these are often more common in animals, tapeworms can infect humans as well. In order for both pets and people to catch the tapeworm, an infected flea must be ingested. Pets will accidentally ingest them when grooming or trying to remove the flea. Children are more likely to accidentally ingest a flea than an adult.

Bubonic Plague
Most people know that the bubonic plague was also called the Black death and it wiped out upwards of 75 million people during the Middle ages. There are still cases of it every year. Modern medicine has effective treatments if the disease is caught early enough and the mortality rate is a lot lower than it used to be. H…

All About Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is a serious illness that is spread by mosquitoes. It can have outbreaks and they are more common in certain parts of the world, where it is warmer throughout parts of Africa, Central and South American, India and Southern Asia. If you are traveling outside of the United States, you should be aware of any possible outbreaks and check with the state department’s website to see if there any precautions you need to take before traveling.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever
Dengue fever starts out as a fever that will last from two to seven days. You may also have joint pain, pain behind your eyes, as well as muscle or bone pain. There may be signs of easy bruising, bleeding gums or a bloody nose or petechiae (small pinprick bruises) and a possible rash. The real issues with the disease will happen after the fever drops. If you experience any of these symptoms, you need to go to the emergency room. There may be vomiting or severe abdominal pain, red spots, bleeding from the gums or nos…

5 Ways Fleas Can Hurt Your Pets

[caption id="attachment_3120" align="alignright" width="300"] Image courtesy of kitty.green66 via Flickr CC by-SA 2.0[/caption]

Fleas are a common nuisance that can be found throughout the Manassas area. Fleas will live on wild animals and then fall into your yard where they may attach themselves to your pets or even come into your home on your pants legs. Your pet may also pick up fleas when they go to the vet, the dog park or to the groomer. Here are five ways fleas can hurt your pets.
Hot Spots
Dogs and cats can scratch themselves so much in one spot that they actually develop sores which can become infected. If you see these spots on your pet, you will need to take them to the vet in order for them to be checked and to know whether or not you need to put a cone on them to protect those spots from getting worse.
Anemia is another possible complication. If the infestation is severe enough, your pet can become severely anemic and they can need treatmen…

Why Do My Pets Keep Getting Fleas Again and Again?

Once your pets have fleas, you may treat your pets, only to have your pets show symptoms of fleas again in just a few weeks. Fleas can be difficult to deal with, and it is not enough just to treat your pets. You will need to address your home. When fleas lay eggs, they fall of your pets and land in your carpet. The eggs and larvae will live in your carpet. The eggs and the pupae are difficult to treat with flea powders which is why your pet may become infected again. Here are things you can do to stop your pets from dealing with fleas again and again.

Treat Your Pets
First, you will need to treat your pet with a medicated shampoo. The shampoo will state how frequently you can use it. If not enough time has passed, you will need to do your best to comb the fleas out of your pet’s fur. You should check your pets to make sure they are not developing sores or hot spots. If your pets seem overly tired or miserable, it is a good idea to have the vet check them for complications or other ill…

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Ticks

Ticks can spread serious illnesses. They can make you and your family quite sick. People can get ticks when they spend time outside. They are more common in wooded areas, but they can also be found in the suburbs and in the city in parks or yards. They will feed on animals that run through the yard and they can put your family at risk. Preventative measures include performing a tick control treatment throughout your property, but you should also understand how to deal with ticks when you find one on your family or pets.

How Do I Remove a Tick?
The best way to remove a tick is to grasp it with tweezers and to pull straight back to remove it. You do not want to twist as this may leave the head embedded in the skin. You can also use a tick key to remove the tick. You should never try to remove it by burning it, or applying gasoline, rubbing alcohol or Vaseline to it, as this may cause it to regurgitate and increase the chance of being infected.

How Do I Tell that a Tick Has Attached to …

4 Ways to Protect Your Children from Mosquitoes

[caption id="attachment_3084" align="alignright" width="300"] Image courtesy of John Tann via Flickr CC by 2.0[/caption]

Mosquitoes carry a number of serious illnesses that can affect your children including West Nile virus, and St. Louis encephalitis. Mosquito bites can also make your children itchy and uncomfortable. One of the best ways to avoid the complications that come with mosquito bites is to help your children to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes completely.
Dress Your Children to Protect Them
Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, so you should dress your children in light colored clothes. Loose fitting clothing with long sleeves and pants can reduce the number of mosquito bites that your children receive. There is the option to treat the clothing with an insect repellent or to buy clothing that is already treated. This option is good if you know you are going into an area that is heavily populated with mosquitoes like on a camping trip, but it m…